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We guarantee to beat the published mortgage rates of any of the Banks listed below by at least .25% with out charging any more than the fees charged by that particular bank (Learn More Here).

ABN Amro  I  Bank of America  I  Chase  I  Citimorgage  I  Countrywide  I  Freedom Morgage  I  GMAC  I  HSBC  I  ING Direct  I  National City  I  Option One  I  Saxon Morgage  I  SunTrust  I  Wachovia  I  Washington Mutual  I  Wells Fargo

We Encourage You To Explore The Many
Mortgage Programs Available To You

Below you will find a list of common loan programs. Follow the link of a given program to read detailed explanations about that type of morgage.

As well, you will find a Mortgage Glossary located in the bottom section of this page.

  • Fixed Rate Morgage - What does the term 'Fixed Rate' specifically mean and what are the benefits of having a Fixed Rate Mortgage?
  • Adjustable Rate Morgage - Also known as ARM's or Variable Rate Mortgage. Explains advantages, common terms; what is a Negative Amortization Mortgage (Neg-Am); includes an 'Index Table' that explains Prime Rate, CODI, COFI, CMT, MTA, and LIBOR
  • Balloon Morgage - What is a Balloon Morgage? When would it make sense for you?
  • Home Equity Loan - 2nd Morgage - Explains the difference between a Home Equity Loan (Home Equity Line of Credit or 'HELOC') and a 2nd Mortgage, as well as which may be best for you
  • FHA - VA Morgage - Covers government sponsored programs and their benefits. Includes FHA, VA, Cal Vet, as well as other state specific and local programs
  • Documentation Options - What are the differences between Full Documentation (Full Doc), Limited Documentation (Limited Doc or 'Lite Doc'), Stated Income and 'No Income No Asset' (NINA) programs?
  • 40 Year Mortgage - We offer a variety of Term options. One of the more increasingly popular options is the 40 Year Term
  • 50 Year Mortgage - Going one step further is the 50 Year Term. Read about the benefits of this program

  • View a Complete Mortgage Terms List Here.

Points Explained: What are mortgage points and when, if ever, does it make sense to pay them?
Fees Explained: What are the 'real' costs of my Mortgage? This will help explain exactly where your money is going - and where it shouldn't be going...

Find Common Loan Terms Using This Helpful MORTGAGE GLOSSARY Offered By Ascendant Financial

Amortization; The repayment of principal from scheduled mortgage payments...Read More
Amortization Schedule; An amortization schedule is a table detailing each periodic payment on a loan...Read More
Annual Percentage Rate - APR; The Annual Percentage Rate, which must be reported by lenders...Read More
Biweekly Morgage; a loan payment plan where borrowers make payments to principal & interest every 2 weeks...Read More
Bridge Loan; A bridge loan is a type of hard money loan wherein guidelines for approval...Read More
Cash Out Morgage; This phrase specifically refers to equity being liquidated from a property beyond...Read More
Conforming Morgage; a loan that meets bank funding criteria. Because of its stake in the...Read More
Debt to Income Ratio; formula that lenders use to qualify borrowers using income and debt...Read More
Discount Points; are used to 'buy a rate down' to a lower interest rate that would otherwise not be available...Read More
Good Faith Estimate; quick explanations will help you understand many of these closing costs, and how you can save...Read More
Interest Only Mortgage ; this is when the scheduled monthly payments have the option to pay only the due interest...Read More
Jumbo ; refers to a loan amount that is above the current Conforming Loan limits...Read More
Negative Amortization; is when a borrower pays back less than the full amount of interest owed each month....Read More
Option Arm; gives the option of making one of several different payment options in a given month...Read More
PMI; Private Mortgage Insurance a type of lender-required expense on loans above 80% LTV...Read More
Reverse Morgage; is when your monthly payment is added to the balance of your loan rather than being paid...Read More

Be Sure To Locate Your City Using This Complete Cities List and State List

Company Rates; This is a list of some of the best known companies in the country and even a few international ones...Read More
Companies; This page provides resources for some of the better known lending entities in the world. Search here for your next lender...Read More
Companies USA; Browse through top banks and lenders to see who has the best refinance rates...Read More

Select Your Bank From the List Below and Beat The Banks Today

Abn Amro; is one of the largest banks in Europe and has operations all over the world with a history going back to 1824...Read More
Bank of America; is the largest bank in the U.S.A. in terms of deposits and the third largest company in the world...Read More
Chase; now part of JPMorgan Chase, was formed by the merger of the Chase National Bank and the Bank of the Manhattan Company...Read More
Citimorgage; is the home loan arm of Citibank/Citigroup and is recognized as one of the largest financial institutions in the world compare...Read More
Countrywide; is the largest originator of home loans in the country with both retail and wholesale operations...Read More
Freedom; makes lending programs available nationwide through a network of retail officers and approved wholesale partners...Read More
GMAC; has automotive financing, insurance and mortgage operations in 40 countries around the world...Read More
HSBC; is a well known international financial corporation with operations that include mortgages, secured loans, auto loans, personal noncredit loans...Read More
ING Direct; is an international banking, asset management and insurance company based in Netherlands...Read More
National City; this Cleveland, Ohio based company is one of the 10 largest American banks in terms of total deposits...Read More
Option One; originates loans on a wholesale and correspondent basis through a network of 43,000 approved brokers...Read More
Saxon Morgage; is one of the few subprime lenders to survive the 'Meltdown' of 2007...Read More
SunTrust; was founded 1885 in Atlanta, Georgia, where its headquarters remain...Read More
Wachovia; has banking centers in 15 East coast states and Washington, D.C. as well as in six Latin American countries, and investment banking clients in selected industries nationwide...Read More
Washington Mutual; operates more than 2,600 retail banking, mortgage lending, commercial banking, and financial services offices ...Read More
Wells Fargo; is a result of a merger between California-based Wells Fargo & Co. and Minneapolis-based Norwest Corporation in 1998...Read More

The following is a partial list of banks whose Mortgage Deals we are guaranteed to beat

Barclays Bank is an internationl company that is recognized as the 4th largest financial services provider in the world and the 18th largest bankruptcy company overall...Read More
Capital One is a Fortune 500 company that specializes in debt leads, home loans, auto loans, credit cards, savings and banking products...Read More
Charter One is a well-known US Bank that was recently purchased by Citizens Financial Group and now operates as Citizens Bank...Read More
Chevy Chase Bank is a nationwide Federally Chartered Bankruptcy Thrift that is the largest locally-based banking company in the Washington Metro area...Read More
Citizens Bank is large banking and mortgage company that began in 1828. It is actually owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland...Read More
Compass Bank is a bankruptcy financial holding company and is recognized as one of the nations largest twenty-five banks. It's headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama...Read More
Fifth Third Bank is a financial services company that operates over 1,200 banking centers primarily in the Midwest...Read More
First National is a large US Bank based in Omaha, Nebraska that offers a variety of mortgage and banking services...Read More
Household Bank is still a recognized name in the banking world even though it was acquired by Hong Kong based HSBC...Read More
Huntington Bank is a bank holding company that is headquartered in Ohio. It is one of the 25 largest banks in the country...Read More
Indymac is a leading bankruptcy Savings and Loan company that ranks as the seventh largest originator of morgages in the nation...Read More
Key Bank This Cleveland, Ohio based bank ranks as the 16th largest in the US based on total deposits and is owned by KeyCorp...Read More
LaSalle Bank is a Chicago based bank with operations in over 60 countries and more than 100,000 employees. It has recently been acquired by Bank of America...Read More
Sovereign Bank is a bank that primarily serves the NorthEastern market of the US and offers products such as morgages, corporate banking wealth management, etc...Read More
Union Bank is the operating name of a number of large and well-known banks offering banking and mortgage services to consumers...Read More
Mortgage Choice is a leading broker in Australia. About 5% of all bankruptcy loans in Australia are originated by this brokerage...Read More
Mortgage Express is the the specialist lending arm of Bradford and Bingley. They specialize in buy-to-let morgages...Read More
Mortgage Intelligence is a subsidiary of GMAC and operates as both a bankruptcy broker and lender through out Canada...Read More
Ascendant Financial also makes available an industry leading Debt Settlement Net Branch program for brokers nationwide.
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